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Gloss Meter:  An instrument used to measure the specular (mirror) reflectance from a surface at a presented angle.

Mezzotint: 1) An early copper plate engraving method that created the perception of tonal variation through designs of dots cut with equipment.

Dot:  An element of halftones.  Employing a loupe you will note that printed shots are made up of many dots.

Age security:  A examination to find out regardless of whether an ink formulation can withstand a selected temperature for your specified period of time without adjust.

Fastness:  Term used to denote The soundness or resistance of stock or colorants to influences including gentle, alkali, and so on.

Shade transparency:  A full-colour photographic favourable picture over a transparent support.  Normally considered with the support of a lighted colour transparency viewer.

Ionomer: Commonly refered to as Surlyn a polymer that comprises repeat units of both electrically neutral repeating units in addition to a fraction of ionized units (ordinarily no more than fifteen mole p.c) covalently bonded for the polymer backbone as pendant moieties.

Offset Printing (Offset Lithography): Commercial printing method, by which ink is offset from the printing plate to the rubber roller then to substrate.

Photomechanical:  Pertaining to any platemaking method employing photographic negatives or positives exposed onto plates or dog pain what to give cylinders included with photosensitive coatings.

Crawling:  That residence of the ink film in which the wetting from the surface area is just too lousy  the film from contracting into drops, leaving a discontinuous masking.

Faux coloration:  In coloration replica, generating a shade illustration by making use of 1 picture for a key and creating one other separations from it manually.

Crash:  Excessive perception of plate to stock or transfer roll to plate.  Characterised by halo result or double outline.

Tricky evidence:  A evidence on paper or other substrate as distinguished from the tender evidence, that is an image on a VDT screen.

Complimentary hues:  A set of dog vertebrae pain contrasting colours that create a hue neutral in color and value when blended in suited proportions.

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